The purpose for this project was for my spanish one class . We are doing this to learn how describe ourselves  and tell you what I like to do in spanish

Yo soy atractivo , atlético y travieso . Me gusta dormir , comer y mirar netflix


Genius Hour Post 1

For my Genius Hour project I’ve decided to create a new sports brand for athletes to run faster, jump higher ,and  keep them cool or warm. I have chosen this because I have been inspired by all the athletic equipment made by nike . I am also doing this just to see how far I can get through this and test my creative side of me.

Ecosystem in a schoolyard

On 2-10-15 we went to a creek at our school for a lab called Ecosystem for school. The purpose of this was to observe and describe microhabitats. When it was time to head outside we found  creek Inside that creek my group found a cave. The cave is where my group made our microhabitat. We had gumballs, pine cones, leaves, rocks, mud, clay, twigs, and water in our microhabitat. IMG_0381 (3)